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Merge or update multidimensional associative array using php

I have two arrays.

$all_labels = [
'data'=> [
['label'=> NULL],
['label'=> "C1.SNM"],
['label'=> "C1.SSM"],
['label'=> "C1.TAM"],
['label'=> "C1.TIM"],
['label'=> "C1.TNM"],
['label'=> "C1.TOM"]

$non_complianceData3 = [
'data'=> [
['label'=> "C1.TAM", 'value'=> "1674"],
['label'=> "C1.TOM", 'value'=> "574"]

I need the first array to act as the base, i.e. this returns all the labels available from the db. I then need to update the base by using the
array data values with the matching labels, in this case the base
needs to be updated with
'value'=> "1674"
, and the
'value'=> "574"

How do I go about doing this?

Answer Source

If the labels in $all_labels are distinct, it can be done this way:

// reindex $all_labels['data'] by label
$all_labels['data'] = array_column($all_labels['data'], null, 'label');

// assign the values from $non_complianceData3['data'] to the new keys
foreach ($non_complianceData3['data'] as $item) {
    $all_labels['data'][$item['label']] = $item;

If the labels in $all_labels are not distinct, it can be done like this:

// loop over the items in $non_complianceData3['data']
foreach ($non_complianceData3['data'] as $item) {

    // find all of the matching labels in $all_labels['data'] and replace
    // them with the corresponding $non_complianceData3['data'] items
    foreach ($all_labels['data'] as $key => $value) {
        if ($item['label'] == $value['label']) {
            $all_labels['data'][$key] = $item;
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