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Profiling; ippvmGetLibVersion: I didn't call it

I'm using Very Sleepy CS to do profiling, if that matters.

IPP(Intel's Integrated Performance Primitives) are used in my project, basically for a single call:

ippsExp_64fc_A26(reinterpret_cast<Ipp64fc*>(delta_vector.data()), reinterpret_cast<Ipp64fc*>(delta_vector_out.data()), delta_vector.size());

After the profiling, I noticed a strange function call made from function that calls the previously mentioned one. ippvmGetLibVersion is its name, and it takes almost 1/3 of the time of execution. There's no mention of it in my sources. ippInit is called at the beginning of the main program.

What is happening and how do I get rid of it? Wasting execution time for constant calls with same returns seems stupid.


It is a bug indeed. Visual Studio's profiler shows no sign of the mentioned function.