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How to get unit test results using TFS Rest API?

How to retrieve the unit test results of a build in TFS using Rest API?

The build definition uses VNext (Visual Studio 2015 Update 3).

var vssConnection = new VssConnection(_configurationSpec.TeamProjectCollection,
new VssClientCredentials());
_buildClient = vssConnection.GetClient<BuildHttpClient>();

Answer Source

The test result of the build is stored in test runs, so you need to get the test run of the build first and then retrieve the test result from the test run. Following is the code sample:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        string ur = "https://xxxxxxx/";
        TfsTeamProjectCollection ttpc = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(new Uri(ur));
        //Get build information
        BuildHttpClient bhc = ttpc.GetClient<BuildHttpClient>();
        string projectname = "Project";
        int buildId = 1;
        Build bui = bhc.GetBuildAsync(projectname,buildId).Result;
        //Get test run for the build
        TestManagementHttpClient ithc = ttpc.GetClient<TestManagementHttpClient>();


        QueryModel qm = new QueryModel("Select * From TestRun Where BuildNumber Contains '" + bui.BuildNumber + "'");

        List<TestRun> testruns = ithc.GetTestRunsByQueryAsync(qm,projectname).Result;
        foreach (TestRun testrun in testruns)

            List<TestCaseResult> testresults = ithc.GetTestResultsAsync(projectname, testrun.Id).Result;
            foreach (TestCaseResult tcr in testresults)

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