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Purpose of checking session.use_only_cookies when creating a session?

I am currently creating a session where I check the ini file to see if

is set. Is this really necessary? I mean, is there a way for the client to mess with the
file? The reason why I am asking is because if the user is redirected to the same domain, this check would just loop over and over again.

How can I prevent this when the session is global? or is this even necessary to add when creating a session?

$session_life = 3600;
$session_name = 'SecUser';
$http_only = true;
if(ini_set('session.use_only_cookies',1) === false){
header('500 Internal Server Error', true, 500);
$cookieParams = session_get_cookie_params();
session_set_cookie_params($session_life, $cookieParams['path'], $cookieParams['domain'], $secure, $http_only);

Answer Source

In my opinion it's not necessary.

And no, the client can't mess with the ini file. That's for sure.

If you just want a standard session with a session id, you can do it the quick and easy way: Just use session_start() - and that's it! No ini_set(), no session_get_cookie_params(), no session_set_cookie_params(), no session_name(), no session_regenerate_id(). All those functions are only required for special cases.

EDIT after comment:
In some environments (e.g. shared hosting) you don't have access to php.ini. That's why PHP lets you get and/or set some of those settings from whithin the app. Besides, there might be some (very exotic) use cases where somebody would want to change this ini setting dynamically...

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