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How can I install python-gasp on Ubuntu 16.04?

I use a Ubuntu 16.04 system, and I want to install the

for python.
I was told that the following commands can help me to install the

$ sudo apt-get install python-gasp

I tried the commands, but it seems not to work, because when I run

from gasp import

it returned as

"No module named gasp".

Then I use
$ whereis python-gasp
to check the location of the
I installed, and it returned as

I don't know what happened.
How can I use

Answer Source

python-gasp is module for Python 2. I don't see python3-gasp for Python 3 (Linux Mint 17 based on Ubuntu 14.04) but maybe you have on Ubuntu 16.

Ubuntu 16 as default use Python 3. Maybe you will have to install Python 2 to use gasp.

Or maybe you already have installed. Try python2 or which python2 to find path.

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