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Scala Question

Obtaining array element in Scala works only with explicit apply method

Accessing collection elements in Scala is done by

method. Having said that I tried to read numbers from standard input and get the second one as int in just one line.

def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val number = StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt)(1)

IntelliJ marks this
and show the error (the same is shown after the compilation attempt):

Error:(11, 60) type mismatch; found : Int(1) required:
val number = StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt)(1)

Folding the expression in the parentheses dosn't help as well. However, when I split mapping input to int array and getting the element to other lines, everything works fine.

def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val numbers = StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt)

The explicit invocation of
also does the job:

val number = StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt).apply(1)

Why does this weird behaviour happens? Obtaining element via
is just a shortcut for
, isn't it?

Answer Source

As compiler already pointed out, map is defined with two arg lists. second one containing a single implicit param: implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]

For a vast majority of scenarios, the users don't worry about specifying the second arg. Specifically, in your case this is what the compiler "figures out":

StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt)(Array.canBuildFrom[Int])

So, if writing out apply is not desired then the following is the only choice:

StdIn.readLine().split(" ").map(_.toInt)(Array.canBuildFrom[Int])(1)

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