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Setting color range in persp3d in R

I'm really new to R and I want to create an Image like the one I added here, but I need to have the Color Range from 0 to 1, right now it's set automatically, in the image it is from 0.2 to 0.6.
Here is my R code that I use:
Mat.csv is a 2D Matrix with values in [0,1]

mydata <- read.csv("D:/output/Mat.csv")
mydata <- as.matrix(mydata)
mycols <- colorRampPalette( c("#ff0000", "#00ff00") )
persp3D(z = mydata, theta = 120, zlim=c(0,1))

Example Graph

Answer Source

Argument clim will solve your problem. (persp3D is a plot3D package's function, but persp3d is a rgl package's function. Be careful.) colorRampPalette returns function that interpolate a set of given colors to create new function's argument number of colors. So you can set persp3D's color vector by giving the output of new function that colorRampPalette returns. For example, persp3D(..., col = mycols(256)) or, mycolv <- mycols(256); persp3D(..., col = mycolv)


## example data
x <- seq(-pi, pi, by = 0.1)
y <- seq(-pi, pi, by = 0.1)
mydata <- outer(x, y, function(x, y) cos(x) * sin(y))
range(mydata)   # about -1 ~ 1

## colour function
mycols <- colorRampPalette(c("blue", "red", "green", "yellow"))

## draw
persp3D(z = mydata, ticktype = "detailed", col = mycols(256))                  # left
persp3D(z = mydata, ticktype = "detailed", col = mycols(256), clim=c(-2, 2))   # right

enter image description here

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