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What does {:4} mean in this matrix printing solution in python?

In the solution to the question proposed here printing a two dimensional array in python I'm not able to figure out what the {:4} part of the solution means exactly. I've tried this print statement and it seems to work very well, but for cases where I have very large matrices, I want to make sure I'm not adding or slicing valuable information.

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It has to do with padding and alignment in output. It is similar to padding in the printf function found in c or awk, etc. It gives each printed element a width of n where n is {:n}.

''.join('{:3}'.format(x) for x in range(100))

Will output:

'  0  1  2  3  4  5 ... 95 96 97 98 99'

Notice the single space to the left of 99 versus the two spaces to the left of 0. In other words, each number has a width of 3 characters.

You can also accomplish a similar effect using a more traditional syntax.

''.join('%3s' % x for x in range(100))
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