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How to generate sizes for all headers using SASS with modular scale

I'm looking to create sizes for H1 through H6 using SCSS. This example assumes I've created the variables $base-size and $modular-scale. Specifically:

h6: $base-size * $modular-scale * 1
h5: $base-size * $modular-scale * 2
h4: $base-size * $modular-scale * 3
h1: $base-size * $modular-scale * 6

I can't figure out how to generate each of these classes using a mixin or a function (or whatever appropriate feature for this task).

so far I have:

@mixin make-header-size ($type, $scale) {
.#{$type} {
$type * $scale * (...scalar)

Not sure how to complete the rest so that I can succinctly generate each of these sizes.

Answer Source

Here you have a simple and small @for loop to generate the six heading styles with a scale variable that indicates the amount of px the headings grow from h6 to h1:

// h6 starts at $base-font-size 
// headings grow from h6 to h1 by $heading-scale
$base-font-size: 18px;
$heading-scale: 8; // amount of px headings grow from h6 to h1

@for $i from 1 through 6 {
  h#{$i} {
    font-size: $base-font-size + $heading-scale * (6 - $i);

And a demo codepen to play with it.

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