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C# Question

How to remove space, comma or similar non-ASCI character in c#?

I want to remove space,comma or similar non-ASCI character from string but I didn't.

I tried these but doesn't work.

// my string value = request.ReportName
Regex.Replace(request.ReportName, @"[^\u0000-\u007F]+", string.Empty);
Regex.Replace(request.ReportName, @"[^\uxxxx\u0000-\u007F]", string.Empty),

By the way I tried this as well but doesn't work as well.


For example: request.ReportName = "CAption, For long Text double length long to keep"

I want to this : CAptionForlongTextdoublelengthlongtokeep. How can I do ?
Any idea please.

Answer Source

You can use a regular expression to replace all non-letters:

Regex.Replace(request.ReportName, @"[^A-Za-z]+", String.Empty);

Another idea for doing the same thing would be

Regex MyRegex = new Regex("[^A-Za-z]", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
string s = MyRegex.Replace(request.ReportName, @"");

This might also help you

new String(request.ReportName.Where(c => Char.IsLetter(c) && Char.IsUpper(c)).ToArray());
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