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iOS Question

iOS Today Extension MapView Only Work on Xcode Simulator

I've implemented a Today widget for my application.

The mkmapView work fine in two situation:
1. Xcode simulator
2. device run with Xcode

but the mapView only show background color and user's Location marker when I run the widget by device itself.

Does anybody know why? How to resolve it?


Answer Source

Straight from the Apple documentation

Make sure that the Today extension point is appropriate for the functionality you want to provide. The best widgets give users quick updates or enable very simple tasks. If you want to create an app extension that enables a multistep task or helps users perform a lengthy task, such as uploading or downloading content, the Today extension point is not the right choice.

MKMapView required constantly changes when you span or zoom and delegates are called on respected manner.

So this is one of the cause that you don't see any more updates while you are adding a map in today widget.

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