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C Question

Return value void * in a function

I was given a function whose return value is

void *
. I need to return two values from that function.

void * studentsCount(int *Arr, int len, int score, int *lessCount, int *moreCount) {
if (Arr == NULL || len <= 0)
return NULL;
for (int i = 0; i < len; i++){
if (Arr[i] < score)
else if (Arr[i] > score)
return lessCount; // <-- I need to return lesscount and morecount..!

How can I return both values using void pointer?


You don't have to return moreCount and lessCount, you just have to update their values inside the function.

As per return type void * is concerned, I would assume it signifies if the passed array is a "valid" array, if it is you may choose to return a non null value ( depends on how the studentsCount function is invoked ).

The caller should also make sure moreCount and lessCount points to a valid memory location, initialized to proper values