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jQuery Push Values into an Object

What i'm trying to do is pushing values into an array like below:

var travellers = [['travellerUsername1', 'travellerFullname1'],['travellerUsername2', 'travellerFullname2'], ['travellerUsername3', 'travellerFullname3']]

$.each(travellers, function(index, value){
options = [
{label: value, title: value, value: index}

But as you can see this is just initiating the last data into my options object.
How can i push each travellers value into my options object?

Answer Source

Use Array#push method to push object in array

var travellers = [
  ['travellerUsername1', 'travellerFullname1'],
  ['travellerUsername2', 'travellerFullname2'],
  ['travellerUsername3', 'travellerFullname3']
var options = [];
$.each(travellers, function(index, value) {
    label: value,
    title: value,
    value: index
console.log(JSON.stringify(options, null, 4));
<script src=""></script>

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