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When using package 'quantmod' in R, how to suppress the 'last price' line of text on a price chart?

I am plotting a price chart using function

in the R package
. Here's an example:

#Load package 'quantmod'

#Download quotes for VNQ
hist.xts <- getSymbols('VNQ',
from = '2006-1-1',
to = '2006-1-31',
auto.assign = F)

#Plot price chart
chartSeries(hist.xts, type = 'bars')

And here's the price chart:

price chart

How can I suppress the text "Last 64.050003" so that it doesn't appear on the chart?

Answer Source

You have to insert the parameter TA = NULL as indincated in the documentation and in this example:

chartSeries(hist.xts, type = 'bars', TA = NULL)

enter image description here

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