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Chrome extension tabs onUpdated event

I am building a chrome extension that should get notified every time a new tab has opened and load page, and for that purpose I'am using chrome.tabs.onUpdated event.

The problem is that in case an iframe is inserted on that page/tab that is hosted on some domain(has src), onUpdated event is trigered. Is there a way to differentiate these events for "real" tab load from those triggered for iframe load?

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tabs.onUpdated triggers when state changes between loading to complete. Presumably, inserting an iframe puts the tab to loading state again.

You could see if details.url is defined in onUpdated listener - if not, you know that the document's URL did not change.

Perhaps you should use webNavigation API instead for your purpose. There, you get a TransitionQualifier that you can use to filter out subframe navigation.

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