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What is the default font used in android if developer didn`t specify any

I want to know what is the default font that is used by Android OS for my app if i didn`t specify any font to be used.

This post didn`t help

Thanks in advance for any help

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For the devices that run stock-Android, according to Material Design Guidelines:

Roboto is the standard typeface on Android.

But in case that you use languages not covered by Roboto (check the same link to see all languages covered by it), the typeface will be switched to Noto

Noto is the standard typeface for all languages on Chrome and Android for all languages not covered by Roboto.

That being said, the actuals fonts differ depending on the place where they are used (see below some examples from the same guideline)

App bar
Title style, Medium 20sp

English: Medium 14sp, all caps
Dense: Medium 15sp, all caps
Tall: Bold 15sp

For the pre-Lollipop devices, the same rules apply, but you might notice some changes between different versions since Google refined Roboto as the time passed.

However, all the above are true only for stock-Android, the rest of them having a predefined typeface/font based on the device or manufacturer. As Eli Sadoff stated, most of these devices let the user pick a default font which will be used across all apps (without exceptions), even if you have a custom font for your app.

PS: Make sure to read everything form the provided link because you'll find more useful information.

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