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How to upload an image and save it in database?

I have to create a form using JavaScript and an user will upload a JPG file and submit along with other info such as name, email, etc. When the user clicks submit all the information from the form will be loaded to a value object. For the image file I've set it to be


So assuming:

public String name;
public String email;
public byte[] logo;

I've set up a servlet as well to handle the submission but I'm not sure how to get started. How does the upload work? When user submits, how do I get the information for the image? Here's a screenshot: http://imageshack.us/f/32/77675354.png/ I need to convert that image and save it to a
then convert to blob so I can insert it to a table.

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For the file upload part, you need to set enctype="multipart/form-data" on the HTML form so that the webbrowser will send the file content and you'd like to use request.getPart() in servlet's doPost() method to get the file as an InputStream. For a concrete code example, see also How to upload files to server using JSP/Servlet?

Then, to save this InputStream in the DB, just use PreparedStatement#setBinaryStream() on a BLOB/varbinary/bytea column or whatever column represents "binary data" in your favorite DB engine.

preparedStatement = connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO user (name, email, logo) VALUES (?, ?, ?)");
preparedStatement.setString(1, name);
preparedStatement.setString(2, email);
preparedStatement.setBinaryStream(3, logo);
// ...

You don't necessarily need to convert this InputStream to byte[], it would not have been memory efficient either. Imagine that 100 user simultaneously upload images of 10MB, then 1GB of server memory would have been allocated at that point.