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Python Question

My setup.py can't define the script when I try to install it

I've been trying to learn Python via "Learn Python the Hard Way", and in ex46 he told us to put a script in bin and install it with


My script's name was

from test3 import printstring

printstring.printstring("this is a test")

was like that:

def printstring(s='you did not provide string'):
print s

After making them I added the script to the

'scripts': [bin/testscript3.py],

and in PowerShell I wrote:

python setup.py install

in order to install it, but I got an error:

testscript3 is not defined

I tried to import it by doing:

from bin import testscript3

but still getting the same problem.

Answer Source

You need to use a string in your setup.py The reason you're getting testscript3 is not defined is because without the quotes around bin/testscript3.py Python expects bin/testscript3.py to be a variable.

'scripts': ['bin/testscript3.py'],
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