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C# Question

How to fix UTF encoding for whitespaces?

In my C# code, I am extracting text from a PDF document. When I do that, I get a string that's in UTF-8 or Unicode encoding (I'm not sure which). When I use

to convert it into a byte array, I notice that the whitespace is actually two characters with byte values of 194 and 160.

For example the string "CLE action" looks like

[67, 76, 69, 194 ,160, 65 ,99, 116, 105, 111, 110]

in a byte array, where the whitespace is 194 and 160... And because of this
src.IndexOf("CLE action");
is returning -1 when I need it to return 1.

How can I fix the encoding of the string?

Answer Source

194 160 is the UTF-8 encoding of a NO-BREAK SPACE codepoint (the same codepoint that HTML calls  ).

So it's really not a space, even though it looks like one. (You'll see it won't word-wrap, for instance.) A regular expression match for \s would match it, but a plain comparison with a space won't.

To simply replace NO-BREAK spaces you can do the following:

src = src.Replace('\u00A0', ' ');
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