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Amazon web service api

I am using amazon web service to extract product information. It was working fine, however it is providing the following output now.
I am not able to figure out what's the reason behind this problem. Kindly help me out.

<h3>Request denied by pfSense proxy: 403 Forbidden</h3>
<b> Reason: </b>
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<b> Client address: </b>
<b> Client name: </b>
<b> Client group: </b> default
<b> Target group: </b> Bloack_Sites
<b> URL: </b>
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Answer Source

You appear to be running on a corporate network that is sending web traffic through a proxy (pfSense proxy).

The error is showing a private IP address (, which means the request never made it to the Internet.

You should chat with your network administrators and determine why it is listed in a group called Bloack_Sites (presumably, 'Blocked sites'?).

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