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Store query in array in bash

My script need to store in a structure the result of a query:

query="select name, mail from t"
customStructure=$(mysql -u$user -p$psw $database -e "$query";)

I've no idea how store the array of {name, mail} from query result..

I need structure like this:

array=[ [name1,mail1] , [name2,mail2], ....., [nameN, mailN] ]

Is there a way to do this in bash?

Answer Source

Bash arrays are initialized like so:

myarray=("hi" 1 "2");

To capture the individual portions of output of a command into an array, we must loop through the output, adding it's results to the array. That can be done like so:

for i in `echo "1 2 3 4"`

In your example, it looks like you wish to get the output of a MySQL command and store the parts of it's output lines into subarrays. I will show you how to capture lines into arrays, and given that, you should be able to figure out how to put subarrays into that yourself.

while read line
done < <(mysql -u${user} -p${psw} ${database} -e "${query}")

It's also worth mentioning that for this kind of MySQL operation, where you don't need output metadata (such as pretty formatting and table names), you can use MySQL's -B option to do 'batch output'.

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