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JSON Question

Back-end database project questions

So basically until the June 2017, I have to make a web application that contains school professors and their ratings/comments. You can rate professors without an account and give them comments.

The back end format should contain:

1. Add/Remove professors
- Each professor has a name, school, and subject he teaches. Ratings and comments that were given to him.
2. Give them anonymous ratings
3. Give them anonymous comments

I need your tips on how to start and what should I take care of. This is my first time doing this. We only learned a bit of each web language so I am not well experienced. (JSON,XML,MongoDB,NodeJS)

This is my view of how it should be done: (Bare in mind that I am inexperienced with this type of work)

  1. Create a database of professors, empty one ?

  2. JSON file of professor "specifications"

  3. Add professors to it with Mongodb ?

Also where would NodeJS be used ?

Any help would be very much appreciated and any tips as well.

** And for the front-end part, I will do it in the next semester. Hopefully without problems because I like front-end coding.

Answer Source

"kintone" and "Zoho Creator" are both cloud services you could use to create your databases using GUI. They both have drag and drop interfaces, and their structure can be edited quite easily while you are prototyping. You can add your initial professor data manually through the browser, or you can upload CSV files to speed up the process.
I'm not saying that these services are the most efficient tools to use, but they are very useful for quick prototyping. enter image description here

kintone API can be found here. They have a free developer account on their site. https://developer.kintone.io/

Each database table (or "app") that you create on kintone can produce an API Token through GUI which you can use as the authentication for the REST API.

You can use a GET method with
where the {appid} is the database table you are trying to access, and the {recordid} is the id of a row, and this will give back to you the json of the table row data. You can use records.json instead of record.json, if you want to add a search query when getting your data (e.g. you can request JSON data for all records that have professorID of "prof110").

-Zoho Creator-
Zoho Creator API can be found here. They have a developer account with a small fee.

I believe this also produces API Tokens through GUI.

You can use a GET method with
https:/ /creator.zoho.com/api/json/{applicationLinkName}/view/{viewLinkName} where {applicationLinkName} and {viewLinkName} are the database table names and predefined view list name, which you can find in your settings. This will give back the list of professors in a JSON format in that view.

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