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doesn't display build in apple store using xcode 8

I am last 3 to 5 day upload try...
I upload build time itune connect display processing message after build complete done that check itune connect doesn't display build version and processing message.

enter image description here

more than time upload build(diff build version) using archive window and application loader but itunes connect doesn't display build. upload message is display done.

New Build Upload Project v1.1 and build v 1.1.1

Screen 1
enter image description here

Screen 2
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Screen 3
enter image description here

Answer Source

I Solve my question:

enter image description here

I add NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription in plist file because i use photo library.

<string>Photo Library Access Warning</string>

iTunes connect send build invalid reason to apple account mail id. I check my mail id after set above code because I use PhotoLibraryUsageDescription that you are check your mail account.

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