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Python Question

"TypeError: Bool is not iterable" in any() iteration with boolean criteria

In Python 2.7, I want to check the similarity between one string, and strings in a list, until it finds a match.

from difflib import SequenceMatcher

def similar(a, b):
return SequenceMatcher(None, a, b).ratio()

correctList = ["thanks", "believe", "definitely"]

myString = "thansk"

for correctWord in correctList:
ratio = similar(correctWord, myString)
if ratio > 0.9:
myString = correctWord

print myString
>>> "thanks"

I would like to simplify the
iteration into fewer lines, to something like:

if similar(myString, any([correctWord for correctWord in correctList])) > 0.9:
myString = correctWord

I'm not entirely sure about the correct logic here, but in either case variants of this syntax throws the error:

TypeError: ("'bool' object is not iterable", u'occurred at index 0')

What would be the proper way to achieve this?

Answer Source

You are stopping as soon as you find the first string with similarity > 0.9, starting with "thansk" as a candidate. So I think this is equivalent:

myString = "thansk"

myString = next((w for w in correctList if similar(w, myString) > 0.9), myString)
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