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Visual Studio 2015 download getting stuck at applying Microsoft

I'm currently on my third attempt trying to install Visual Studio 2015 on this computer. I have tried rebooting, hard shut downs, canceling setup and restarting, etc. Each time, it gets stuck at applying Microsoft I have tried leaving it overnight (12 hours). My download speed is 50-60 MBPS according to Ookla Speedtest. I am running Windows 10. I did do a "custom" installation and added C++, Python, and the Git extension. If I am not mistaken it said 7 GB size. Why is it doing this? Please help!

I don't understand why this isn't working because I installed VS 2015 for my laptop (a different computer) just a few days ago on a relatives WIFI and their speed was 3-7 MBPS.

enter image description here

(Note: The installer is not technically frozen since the loading dots on the bottom are moving.) However, bar hasn't filled up at all for like 6 hours.

Do I need ASP.NET (for C#, Python, and maybe C++)? Can I uncheck certain features for installation so that it wont try to install this? Also, when I cancel installation it never cancels and just stays there so I have to kill the installer with the task manager. This is getting incredibly frustrating.

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I got it to work, it wasn't perfect, but here is what I did: It was getting stuck at very certain points, most notably ASP.NET. I did a little research and got an idea from something I read (I unfourtunetly can't find the source again). Sometimes windows opens invisible "confirm" type windows or installer windows that get stuck. When the installer got stuck I opened up task manager -> details, than checked On the visual studio process by right clicking then clicking analyzing wait chain. This showed me what process the VS install was waiting for. Then, I'd just kill the process. Messy, I know, but better then nothing. I had to do that 2 or 3 times. Afterward it said it installed correctly with 2 components that had warnings. ASP.NET was included. But everything else worked fine (c#, C++) Later I went back and did a repair. That worked pretty smooth. Finally, I installed the Python Tools successfully. (that part is sort of irrelevant but the point was that everything is now working fine).

edit, found another source: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Installation Stuck In Windows 10

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