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Groovy - Calling a method with def parameter fails with 'Illegal class name"

I am hoping to get an explanation as to why the call to this Groovy method works as expected:

def f1(int n) {
return n + 1
println f1(1) // -> 2

But, if the parameter is not specifically defined ("def n" instead of "int n"), the method call needs to change:

def f2(def n) {
return n + 1
println f2(1) // Exception: Illegal class name
println this.&f2(1) // -> 2

What is happening under the hood to make this necessary?

UPDATED with more info:

This is on Windows with Groovy 2.4.5 JVM 1.8.0_51

The entire script is those 9 lines in a file called 1.groovy - nothing else.

I am running this from the console (cmdr) using "groovy 1.groovy"

The error on line 8 is:

Caught: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal class name "3$f2" in class file 3$f2
java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal class name "3$f2" in class file 3$f2
at 3.run(3.groovy:8)

Answer Source

This is related to the name of your Script. When you have a file "1.groovy", Groovy generate a class with the name "1" in the default package, which is not a valid class name.

When you use f2(n) without a type, as this method is "too generic", Groovy try to find a matching method, or a class named f2, or an inner class named f2 : loading an inner class f2 of the class 1 fail, because the name is invalid.

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