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CSS Question

How to inspect value both in Mozilla Firebug?

When I inspect an element in Mozilla Firefox (version 47.0.1), I need to add some css rules in Firebug. I wanted to add

clear: both;
, but the options are only:

clear: inherit
unset says:


clear: none;
clear: left;
clear: right;
clear: both;
clear: inline-start;
clear: inline-end;

clear: inherit;

How do I add the
clear: both;
css rule to an element using Firebug?

Answer Source

Seems like it works fine for me:

enter code here

In the fiddle you can inspect element on the black div tag and see clear: both; in there.

If your trying to add clear: both; in firebug, you can just do that by typing it.

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