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Getting text following a label in XPath

I am trying to do some tests using Selenium and I am facing some problems. Suppose I have the following:

<div class="itemize-row">
<p class="subText">
<span class="item-label">Card Color:</span> Mandarin
<span class="item-label">Colored Mug:</span> Red

Could anybody tell me how to retrieve data "Red" using XPath or CSS?

Answer Source

This XPath,

//span[@class='item-label' and .='Colored Mug:']/following-sibling::text()[1]

will return "Red" as requested.

Generally speaking, yes, but in Selenium, you cannot point to the text nodes. XPath expressions have to point to "elements". – alecxe

Ok, to account for Selenium limitations, this XPath,

substring-after(//span[@class='item-label' and .='Colored Mug:']/.., 'Colored Mug:')

which takes advantage of the fact that your target is at the end of the string value of the parent of the label, will also return "Red" as requested.

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