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How to change default https certificate for web services in Dataminder?

When installing Dataminder, two web service ports are set up. One for http and the other for https.
A self-signed certificate is created during installation.
But we need to use a certificate from a certificate authority.

How do you change the certificate used on web service https port?

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To replace the default self-signed certificate with certificates from a certificate authority the simplest is to replace the DMKeyStore file (which is just a standard Java Keystore file) with a new Java Keystore file containing the new certificates.

Note that the new Keystore file must be named and placed at default destination:


To start using the new certificates file update the DataMinder properties file:


The properties to update are:


Update the properties and restart DataMinder. Now DataMinder will use the new certificates.

Note: The certificates are used both for the admin HTTPS and Web Service HTTPS ports.

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