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C# Question

how to update javascript variable array from c#

am working with this array in javascript of marks to show all marks in the map as static work is perfect

var markers = [
"title": 'Aksa Beach',
"lat": '31.6227697895779',
"lng": '-4.998779296875',
"description": '/">Read more</a>'

but if i can add some marks from model in html view is my problem

@foreach (var item in Model) {
"lng": item.long,
"description": item.descript

Answer Source

Wrap the values with single or double quotes. Also since item is a C# variable, you need to use @. You also need to use <text> tag as you are mixing C# code and plain text (js code)

  var markers = [];
  @foreach (var item in Model) {

        markers.push({  "title": "",
                         "lat": "",
                         "lng": "@item.long",

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