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Inno Setup how to check if MSVCR100.dll exists on the system

I have an Inno Setup-based installer that also includes a WAMP installer inside it. Installing WAMP on some systems requires the installation for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables and I have those executables for those redistributables in my installer as well. Although, I want to check first if the system already has the MSVCR100.dll installed already so I would not need to launch those installers anymore. Any way on how to locate the MSVCR100.dll on the system using Inno-Setup?

I have tried searching the "MSVCR100.dll" in C:\ but there are a lot of results including some located in C:\Windows\SysWow64 and C:\Windows\System32

Note: We will only use 64-bit installation of wAMP, so we only need to find a way to locate the 64-bit redistributables. We can disregard the 32-bit for now.

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Instead of detecting this .dll file simply run the redistributables setup file again:


Running this setup twice will not harm the machine - if the redistributables are already installed nothing bad happens.

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