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C++ Question

Parallel reduce using lambda expressions

I am currently working on a function that takes in an array, size, low and high as parameters

parllelCount(int *src, int size, int low, int high)

The function returns the number of values from the source array that fall within the low and high range.

I have the following function that is making use of parallel reduce using lambda expression, but i am unable to figure out how the combine parameter in paralle_reduce should be implemented (commented in the snippet)

int parallelCount(int *src, int size, int low, int high)
int counter = parallel_reduce(blocked_range<int>(0, size),
[&](blocked_range<int> r, int counter)->int{
for(int i = r.begin(); i < r.end(); i++){
if(low <= src[i] && src[i] <= high){
return counter;

return counter;

Answer Source

The combine presumably should just add up the results that the workers have computed, so something along the lines of

[](int a, int b) { return a + b; }

should work

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