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Android how to manage project name and logo and application icon for different clients

As per need i need to manage one project for different clients in which i usually need to change application icon, app name and client logo. what is the efficient way to handle this??

I have read about properties file in the Android but that does provide option to change application icon and name.. it there any why to handle this.

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To achieve this you will to have use flavour in your project, if you are using Android studio add the following code in your build.gradle file.

productFlavors {
    flavor1 {
        applicationId ""
    flavor2 {
        applicationId ""

Then create directory structure like

flavor1>res>drawable-XXX>ic_launcher.png (app icon for client1)
flavor2>res>drawable-XXX>ic_launcher.png (app icon for client2)

For more you can refer to this blog

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