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Groovy compare two json with unknown nodes names and values

I have a rest API to test and I have to compare two json responses. Below you can find a structure of the file. Both files to compare should contains the same elements but order might be different. Unfortunately the names, the type (simple, array) and the number of keys (root, nodeXYZ) are also not known.

{"root": [{
"node1": "value1",
"node2": "value1",
"node3": [
"node311": "value311",
"node312": "value312"
"node321": "value321",
"node322": "value322"
"node4": [
"node411": "value411",
"node412": "value413",
"node413": [ {
"node4131": "value4131",
"node4132": "value4131"
"node414": []
"node421": "value421",
"node422": "value422",
"node423": [ {
"node4231": "value4231",
"node4232": "value4231"
"node424": []
"node5": [
{"node51": "value51"},
{"node52": "value52"},

I have found some useful information in
Groovy - compare two JSON objects (same structure) and return ArrayList containing differences
Getting node from Json Response
Groovy : how do i search json with key's value and find its children in groovy
but I could not combine it to an solution.
I thought the solution might look like this:

take root
get root children names
check if child has children and get their names
do it to the lowest leve child

With all names in place comparing should be easy (I guess)
Unfortunately I did not manage to get keys under root

Answer Source

Just compare the slurped maps:

def map1 = new JsonSlurper().parseText(document1)
def map2 = new JsonSlurper().parseText(document2)

assert map1 == map2
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