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Java Question

Can I change String object's value passed to my method?

I found the following question Is Java pass by reference?.

I read almost all of it, but could not find out yet what should I do if I want the

method, to change my
's value? (maybe or not reference too, it doesn't matter to me).

void foo(String errorText){
errorText="bla bla";

int main(){
String error="initial";

I want to see
bla bla
on the console. Is it possible?

Answer Source

You can't change the value of errorText in foo as the method is currently declared. Even though you are passing a reference of the String errorText into foo, Java Strings are immutable--you can't change them.

However, you could use a StringBuffer (or StringBuilder). These classes can be edited in your foo method.

public class Test {
    public static void foo(StringBuilder errorText){ 
        errorText.delete(0, errorText.length());
        errorText.append("bla bla");

    public static void main(String[] args) { 
        StringBuilder error=new StringBuilder("initial");

Other solutions are to use a wrapper class (create a class to hold your String reference, and change the reference in foo), or just return the string.

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