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Python Question

Using vimrc function to pass python arguments

I am attempting to create a vimrc function that will be used in an autocmd. The function must simply call a python script and pass the file name as an argument.


fu! Test(filename)
let filename = expand("%:t")
"echom filename
! filename

import sys

print sys.argv[1]

If I uncomment the echo line, "" is echo'd correctly. If I try to execute as it is displayed above, however, the string "filename" is passed literally.

Is there any way around this?


Sure, you can use the execute command to execute a string, which is built from the command you want and the variable concatenated together:

fu! Test()
    let filename = expand("%:t")
    execute "! " . l:filename

I've omitted the filename argument in your Test function because it doesn't seem to be used