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Sort ObservableCollection<string> C#

I have below

. I need to sort this alphabetically.

private ObservableCollection<string> _animals = new ObservableCollection<string>
"Cat", "Dog", "Bear", "Lion", "Mouse",
"Horse", "Rat", "Elephant", "Kangaroo", "Lizard",
"Snake", "Frog", "Fish", "Butterfly", "Human",
"Cow", "Bumble Bee"

I tried
. but i don't know how to use it correctly.

_animals.OrderByDescending(a => a.<what_is_here_?>);

How can i do this ?

Answer Source


Basically, if there is a need to display a sorted collection, please consider using the CollectionViewSource class: assign ("bind") its Source property to the source collection — an instance of the ObservableCollection<T> class.

The idea is that CollectionViewSource class provides an instance of the CollectionView class. This is kind of "projection" of the original (source) collection, but with applied sorting, filtering, etc.


Live Shaping

WPF 4.5 introduces "Live Shaping" feature for CollectionViewSource.



If there still a need to sort an instance of the ObservableCollection<T> class, here is how it can be done. The ObservableCollection<T> class itself does not have sort method. But, the collection could be re-created to have items sorted:

// Animals property setter must raise "property changed" event to notify binding clients.
// See INotifyPropertyChanged interface for details.
Animals = new ObservableCollection<string>
        "Cat", "Dog", "Bear", "Lion", "Mouse",
        "Horse", "Rat", "Elephant", "Kangaroo",
        "Lizard", "Snake", "Frog", "Fish",
        "Butterfly", "Human", "Cow", "Bumble Bee"
Animals = new ObservableCollection<string>(Animals.OrderBy(i => i));

Additional details

Please note that OrderBy() and OrderByDescending() methods (as other LINQ–extension methods) do not modify the source collection! They instead create a new sequence (i.e. a new instance of the class that implements IEnumerable<T> interface). Thus, it is necessary to re-create the collection.

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