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Java Question

How can I set default constraints on all my properties in hibernate validator

I want to automatically put

constraints on all my properties.


public class Adult extends MyBeanValidationAbstractClass{
public Integer age;
public String name;
public Dog dog;
public Cat cat;

I want the Validator to think that all properties have the

How can this can be achieved?


So in you example, you want Dog and cat to be annotated with @Valid. I guess Integer and String should not be affected? I dont think that you can automate this, who else but you should know, which requirements your attributes have?

--- Edit: just re-read ... you dont to write the annotations, you want to controll the Validator.

You could write a custom Constraint-Annoation for your type

public class MyClass {

and then use a custome Validator for that annotation. Then you could use reflection to iterate over all your attributes and validate them.