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Java Question

How can I set default constraints on all my properties in hibernate validator

I want to automatically put

constraints on all my properties.


public class Adult extends MyBeanValidationAbstractClass{
public Integer age;
public String name;
public Dog dog;
public Cat cat;

I want the Validator to think that all properties have the

How can this can be achieved?

Answer Source

So in you example, you want Dog and cat to be annotated with @Valid. I guess Integer and String should not be affected? I dont think that you can automate this, who else but you should know, which requirements your attributes have?

--- Edit: just re-read ... you dont to write the annotations, you want to controll the Validator.

You could write a custom Constraint-Annoation for your type

public class MyClass {

and then use a custome Validator for that annotation. Then you could use reflection to iterate over all your attributes and validate them.

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