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Oracle REGEXP_LIKE doesn't work as expected

I was testing a regular expression in Oracle SQL and found something I could not understand:

SELECT 1 FROM DUAL WHERE REGEXP_LIKE ('Professor Frank', '(^|\s)Prof[^\s]*(\s|$)'); -- DOESN'T MATCH

Above doesn't match, while the following matches:

SELECT 1 FROM DUAL WHERE REGEXP_LIKE ('Professor Frank', '(^|\s)Prof\S*(\s|$)');

In other regex, It will be like
and have similar results.

Question: Why don't
work the same way in Oracle SQL?

I notice if I remove the
at the end, the first regex will match.

Answer Source

In Oracle regular expressions, \s is indeed the escape sequence for a space, but NOT in a matching character set (that is, [.....], or [^....] for excluding one character). In a matching character set, only two characters have a special meaning, - for ranges and ] for closing the set enumeration. They can't be escaped; if needed in the matching set, ] must always be the first character right after the opening [ (it is the ONLY position in which a closing ] stands for itself as a character, and does not denote the end of the matching set), and - must be first or last (best to leave it always to the end of the matching set) - anywhere else it is seen as a range marker. To include (or exclude, if using the [^.....] syntax) a space, just type an actual physical space in the matching set.

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