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grep and gsub to find patterns and call out patterns

I'm trying to search text for keywords and then pull back the keywords that it finds.

right now I'm at / reproducible example:

text <- c("Here is some text about cats and dogs",
"Here is some text about turtles and chickens",
"Here is some text about rhinos and elephants")
pattern <- "cat|turtle"
HasPattern <- as.vector(NULL)
for(i in 1:length(text)){
if(sum(grepl(pattern, text[i], = TRUE)>0))
HasPattern <- append(HasPattern, text[i])

The desired result for this output would be:

gsub(grepl(pattern, text), pattern, text) # or something
[1] cat turtle NA

I've tried --

for (i in 1:length(text)){
if(grepl(pattern, text[i]) == TRUE)
gsub(text[i], pattern, text[i])

sub(text, pattern, text)

gsub(grepl(pattern, text), pattern, text)

In the reproducible example:
HasPattern gives me a vector of the texts that have what I want which is great. But I would also like a vector of what pattern it found in those texts.

Answer Source

We can use str_extract

str_extract(text, pattern)
#[1] "cat"    "turtle" NA      
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