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css cache google chrome

I'm having problems with cache, I think.
I have a website in Joomla, and I have some .css (layout.css, position.css, .... ) and I have at home of the website, 3 buttons, I tested in localhost, and when I see the home well, I upload everything to production, to my server.
Now, I just edited some styles of these buttons, for example, the width, in order to see them better...but I'm having a problem with the cache, because sometimes I see them with new changes, but other times I see with the old styles.....I realized that this happens especially with chrome
Could you help me, please?
Best regards, Daniel

Answer Source

You can force the browser to use the latest stylesheet. Read more here: http://www.impressivewebs.com/force-browser-newest-stylesheet/

I hope that helps.

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