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C# Question

StreamWriter: How to add a new line?

I want to write a string into a file. My problem is that I cannot add new lines into the file.

using (System.IO.StreamWriter writer = new System.IO.StreamWriter(String.Format("{0}.txt", svDialog.FileName)))
writer.Write(String.Format("{0}\n\n{1}", this.currentRealWorldObj.Title, this.currentRealWorldObj.Description));

As you can see I am adding to 2 new lines ("\n\n") in the String.Format method. But when I open the lines are not added. How they can be added?

Answer Source

Maybe platform issues? Look at Difference between "\n" and Environment.NewLine Try Environment.NewLine

writer.Write(String.Format("{0}{2}{2}{1}", this.currentRealWorldObj.Title, this.currentRealWorldObj.Description,Environment.NewLine));
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