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Python Question

No module named Tkinter

I have a small script in python2.7 that I want to convert into Windows executable. I use

for this.

The script:

import sys
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.image as mpimg

def get_inputs():
coor = raw_input(">>>top x left: ").replace(" ", "")
top, left = coor.split("x")
top = int(top.strip())
left = int(left.strip())
return top, left

def plot_location(top, left):
img= mpimg.imread('nbahalfcourt.jpg')
plt.scatter(left, top)

def main():
top, left = get_inputs()
plot_location(top, left)

if __name__ == '__main__':

print "Input top x left coordinates (no space) eg: 44x232"

run = True
while run:

Basically, the script just plots a point on a grid.

The converting process finishes successfully. When I run the .exe however I've got the
(see below) even though I have no reference to

enter image description here

What could went wrong here?

Answer Source

I have a feeling that matplotlib uses the Tkinter module internally, but imports it in a non-standard way. Then pyinstaller doesn't notice Tkinter is needed, and subsequently doesn't bundle it into the executable.

Try explicitly putting import Tkinter at the top of your script.

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