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Hide Android keyboard key preview

What I'm looking to do is hide only the popups that show what key you are currently pressing while using a soft keyboard. Is this even possible? I am creating my own new keyboard which will have no need for them.

From what I think I understand, the picture below is the actual popup keyboard that you can choose to show using

in the

Popup Android Keyboards

But the image below is not the same (also see this picture). Is there a way to turn the following off, using XML or even programmatically?

Android Keyboard Popups

Answer Source

After reading a little bit of the actual android keyboard source code:

What I was referring to was the "key preview", which is "a popup that shows a magnified version of the depressed key." By default the preview is enabled, but to disable it, simply enough, is setPreviewEnabled(boolean previewEnabled). Which is a method from the KeyboardView class. API.

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