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Extending child properties in parent throws read only exception

I am making an npm package to validate elements, I need to achieve the following syntax to be actually useful and easy :

<validationLibrary type="numeric">
<input type="text" placeholder"Sample 123">

But my problem is with the child, the following throws an exception :,function(child,i){
child.props.onChange = function (event) {

My objective is for the library to force the child to execute the methods of my library it so the user doesnt have to do a millon configuration steps to get it working.

Any help?

Solution :

let copies =,(child,i) =>{
let copy = React.cloneElement(child,{onChange:function () {
console.log("i overrode the default behaviour");
return copy;

return <div>{copies}</div>;

Answer Source

Since React v0.14, the props are frozen, it means you can't mutate them.


So, what you can do is, for each child, return a new element. In your case, you will clone the element and add a new prop to handle onChange. You can achieve that using React.cloneElement:

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