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Python Question

How can I use `pivot` to track wins and loses?

Suppose I have some team data as a dataframe


home_team home_score away_team away_score
A 3 C 1
B 1 A 0
C 3 B 2

I'd like to a dataframe indicating how many times one team has beat another. So for instance the entry in
would be the number of times team 1 has beat team 3, but the number in
would be the number of times team 3 as beat team 1.

This sounds like something
should be able to do, but I can't seem to get it to do what I would like.

How can I accomplish this using pandas?

Here is a desired output


A 0 0 1

B 1 0 0

C 0 1 0

Answer Source

This will create a new dataframe with just the winners and loosers. It can be pivoted to created what you are looking for.

I made some additional data to fill in some of the pivot table values

import pandas as pd

data = {'home_team':['A','B','C','A','B','C','A','B','C'], 
df = pd.DataFrame(d)

# create new dataframe
WL = pd.DataFrame()
WL['winner'] = pd.concat([df.home_team[df.home_score>df.away_score],
                          df.away_team[df.home_score<df.away_score]], axis=0)
WL['loser'] = pd.concat([df.home_team[df.home_score<df.away_score],
                         df.away_team[df.home_score>df.away_score]], axis=0)
WL['game'] = 1

# groupby to count the number of win/lose pairs
WL_gb = WL.groupby(['winner','loser']).count().reset_index()

# pivot the data
WL_piv = WL_gb.pivot(index='winner', columns='loser', values='game')

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