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Why is Android Geocoder throwing a "Service not Available" exception?

The app uses the Geocoder object. It works fine on my stock Froyo Nexus One. But then I run the exact same app on a different device (an Advent Vega 10" tablet also running Froyo) and I get this exception: Service not Available. The method I'm using is

, I'm building against the Android 1.6 Google API.

I'm aware of an issue where this exception is thrown on the emulator, but I suspect this is different. Why would it be thrown on one device running Froyo but not another?

The app is a location app, and as the tablet has no GPS or mobile network, in a scenario where the Wi-Fi connection doesn't provide a location, the user must manually specify it, so not being able to use the Geocoder object is bad news.

I could add a way for the user to select the location on a map, but it's not ideal. Possibly I could use the Google Maps API directly, but I'm keen to understand the nature of the issue first as would be nice to have an easier solution.

Hopefully in a future release Android will include an OS-level "default location" for non-Geocoder devices, so location-aware apps work out of the box on devices like Google TV.

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I asked Google's Reto Meier to confirm my theory was correct and he said "Correct. The Geocoder is part of the Google API add-on that isn't part of the AOSP."

So any device that doesn't come with the Play Store, GMail apps etc… will also be missing the Geocoder back-end.

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