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Ruby API response as lower camel case

I'm trying to return the API response as lowerCamelCase but it is not working, I need to do this for all my Controllers/fields so I need a solution for entire project.

I've tried a lot of stuff, including this ( who tells me to configure Activemodel to lower_camel as following

ActiveModel::Serializer.config.key_format = :lower_camel

But that is not working, it is returning the following json

"users": [{
"id": "56b110089c28691b84a3bd73",
"first_name": "Lucas"

I need to transform the first_name into firstName.


rails -v
Rails 4.2.5

ruby -v
ruby 2.2.3p173 (2015-08-18 revision 51636) [i386-mingw32]

And the gems

active_model_serializers (0.10.0.rc4)
rails-api (0.4.0)

My ember App recognize the JSON but I don't want to use snake case variables on JS

Answer Source

The problem was on the version of Active Model Serializer (0.10.0rc2).

On the last stable version (0.9) there was an issue that has been merged to fix the camelCase but this same PR is not present on the 0.10 RC versions.

So after I have downgraded the gem it worked :)

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