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Python Question

APT command line interface-like yes/no input?

Is there any short way to achieve what the APT (Advanced Package Tool) command line interface does in Python?

I mean, when the package manager prompts a yes/no question followed by

, the script accepts
or Enter (defaults to
as hinted by the capital letter).

The only thing I find in the official docs is

I know it's not that hard to emulate, but it's annoying to rewrite :|

Answer Source

As you mentioned, the easiest way is to use raw_input(). There is no built-in way to do this. From Recipe 577058:

import sys

def query_yes_no(question, default="yes"):
    """Ask a yes/no question via raw_input() and return their answer.

    "question" is a string that is presented to the user.
    "default" is the presumed answer if the user just hits <Enter>.
        It must be "yes" (the default), "no" or None (meaning
        an answer is required of the user).

    The "answer" return value is True for "yes" or False for "no".
    valid = {"yes": True, "y": True, "ye": True,
             "no": False, "n": False}
    if default is None:
        prompt = " [y/n] "
    elif default == "yes":
        prompt = " [Y/n] "
    elif default == "no":
        prompt = " [y/N] "
        raise ValueError("invalid default answer: '%s'" % default)

    while True:
        sys.stdout.write(question + prompt)
        choice = raw_input().lower()
        if default is not None and choice == '':
            return valid[default]
        elif choice in valid:
            return valid[choice]
            sys.stdout.write("Please respond with 'yes' or 'no' "
                             "(or 'y' or 'n').\n")

Usage example:

>>> query_yes_no("Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower?")
Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower? [Y/n] oops
Please respond with 'yes' or 'no' (or 'y' or 'n').
Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower? [Y/n] [ENTER]
>>> True

>>> query_yes_no("Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower?", None)
Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower? [y/n] [ENTER]
Please respond with 'yes' or 'no' (or 'y' or 'n').
Is cabbage yummier than cauliflower? [y/n] y
>>> True
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