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in Ruby, OptionParser returns boolean instead of input values

I'm trying to take the argument values using OptionParser.
Instead of values, my code is returning only boolean:

require 'optparse'

options ={}
opts = do |opts|
opts.on('-v') { |version| options[:version] = version }
opts.on('-g') { |branch| options[:branch] = branch }
opts.on('-f') { |full| options[:full] = full }
opts.on('-h') { RDoc::usage }

# mandatory options
if (options[:version] == nil) or (options[:branch] == nil) or (options[:full]== nil) then
puts options[:branch]
puts options[:version]
puts options[:full]

puts options[:branch]

---> TRUE

Any idea?

Answer Source

If you want to capture a value you need to ask for it:

opts = do |opts|
opts.on('-v=s') { |version| options[:version] = version }
opts.on('-g=s') { |branch| options[:branch] = branch }
opts.on('-f=s') { |full| options[:full] = full }
opts.on('-h') { RDoc::usage }

The =s notation means there's an associated value.

When defining interfaces like this don't forget to include long-form names for clarity like --version or --branch so people don't have to remember g means "branch".

All of this is covered in the fantastic documentation which I encourage you to read.

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